The WHY campaign.

Sometimes the message of why we do what we do gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Inspired by the book, “Start with Why – how great leaders inspire everyone to take action”  by Simonon Sinek, we’ve decided to share the ideas and motivations behind why our vendors do all that they do.

Why do you participate in the Bayview Underground Food Scene?

“I participate to be a part of this growing community of local producers for the advancement and positive growth our community.” – Barbara Gratta, Gratta Wines

“I love the community and their efforts to bring healthy food and an inviting environment to the ‘hood’.” – Cynthia Toliver, Toliver Works Food

“…[M]y love of our community. I think Bayview is one of the most diverse communities, and as a food professional, I love to celebrate all the different cultures. Best way to connect community is through food!” – Earl Thomas, Earl’s Bread and Brittle

“Participating in the BUFS Community Pop Up Market allows me to connect and network with local artisans using social media and drive more customers to the BUFS and my store.” – Yvonne Hines, Yvonne Southern Sweets

Angelique Tompkins of Comfort Foods National tells us why she chooses to participate.

Yvonne Hines tells us why she decided to start her business, Yvonne’s Southern Sweets, in the Bayview.


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