Tonight’s festivities

The last community Pop-Up Market of the year will be tonight from 5 to 7:30 pm at the Bayview Opera House, along with the Winter Wonderland holiday extravaganza in nearby Mendel Plaza from 5 to 9pm.  Amongst the many activities and vendors planned for tonight, we will also have a special guest, Jason Brock (!).  Come by and check it out.

Thu Opera House Postcard_Page_2 WinterWonderland JasonBrock


Full meals for $10 or less at Tonight’s Market

Full meals for $10 or less

The $10 Three-Course Meal: Green Salad, Entrée, and Dessert

  • Mixed Baby Spring Mix Salad with Crostini, Choice of Chicken Salad, and Wild Rice Medley or Beef Chili. From Comfort Foods National, $7
  • Choice of Southern Mini-Pie.  Flavors include pecan, sweet potato, peach, and lemon. From Yvonne’s Southern Sweets, $3

The $20 Artisanal Picnic for Two:

  • Bowl of Hot, Hearty Soup. Toliver Works Foods, $5
  • Pain au Levain. From Fox and Lion Bread Co., $5
  • Locally-produced honey. SF Honey & Pollen Co., $5
  • Flight of 5 wines. Gratta Wines, $5

The WHY? Campaign

Inspired by the book, “Start with Why – how great leaders inspire everyone to take action”  by Simonon Sinek, we’ve decided to share the ideas and motivations behind why our vendors do all that they do.  This is why we’ve started the “WHY?” campaign.

In these short videos, two of our vendors describe why they choose the Bayview:


Learn to make yogurt at our upcoming market.

Unburden yourself from the cost of store bought yogurt (and your growing mountain of plastic yogurt containers) by making it yourself! The class will include a demo on making yogurt using live cultures, a discussion of other fermented dairy products (and free starter for kefir), and a pint of homemade yogurt to use as a starter for your first batch. Come and be a part of the fermenting ferver in the Bayview!

Join us at the 12/5 Community Pop-Up Market, now on Thursdays at the Bayview Opera House, for the second 94124-focused class aimed at giving Bayview residents the tools to make their own healthy, fermented foods.

7×7 Article on our Pop-Up Market

After recently joining us for a fun and flavorful night at our community pop-up market, Amy Sherman of 7×7 magazine gives her readers a look into the food, and people, behind our Market on Third.  You can read the article here, and then join us at our upcoming market this Thursday.

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